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Feel save with our female driver

VrouwentaxiMy Taxi Centrale now starts with a female taxi driver. If you like to be transported with a female driver than it is possible to make such a reservation. If you want to make sure your daughter goes out and brought home safely than we will guarantee to transport your children accordingly. You are also welcome if you wish to be transported to Schiphol Airport. Are you a lady and you do not feel safe with male taxi drivers than we will make sure to have a female driver to pick you up in front of your door.


Young girls who go out and who are prohibited by parents to be alone outside, women who are not allowed to be transported by males due to religious views, women who have had bad experiences or women who are just more comfortable with the same sex will be provided with service that meet such requirements. We are now in the test phase of this specific service and as such we cannot yet guarantee to have available a female driver within 10 minutes. At this stage we are merely focusing on reservations, and in case we experience positive progress and results it will be possible to have as soon as possible a female driver in front of your door in the near future.