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About Us

Taxi of Amsterdam

A trustworthy taxi company with safe, luxurious cars, and friendly top drivers.


Aren’t you tired of having to wait around in wonder whether your taxi will arrive on time or at all? Whether it will be a clean and representative car that arrives? For years taxicustomers have been complaining about lacking service. Taxi Centrale Amsterdam is a fast growing taxi company, located in Amsterdam. We provide private and corporate taxi transportation for sharp rates and a high service level. With service level we mean customer hospitality, accommodating and reliability.

In short: our goal is your contentment! All our drivers are in possession of a drivers certificate and take full responsibility for getting you on your location on time. Service and quality are very important principles of our company. Our clean and comfortable cars are ideal for various occasions. Travelers expect the taxi to arrive nicely on time with neat drivers who bring you to your destination safely. Fulfillment of these expectations can be assured at My Taxi Centrale in Amsterdam.

So do you need a taxi soon, than call My Taxi Centrale and we will try to be in front of your door as quickly as possible!